9 Questions For Not From England

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Interview by Hadiyyah Kuma

Photos by Lucy Blumenfield

Not From England is a rising teenage band from LA. We asked them 9 questions to get to know them a little better, and here's what they said.

1. How did you guys decide on your name? 

We decided to name our band Not From England for a couple reasons. We often feel that we don't want to always associate ourselves with US and with being Americans. There are many things throughout history and currently happening on both the right and the left side in America that we disagree with. Calling ourselves Not From England is a way to not say that we are American and instead say that we are not from a different country. It is meant to shed some light about the feelings we have towards the country's current state. Another reason is just that we really like British rock and punk and look up to a lot of English/British bands that have inspired us. We wish in a different world that we could be a British rock band.

By Lucy Blumenfield. Courtesy of Not From England

2. How would you describe your style?

Our style is very cool :) we play surf rock and punk rock, but really whatever we are feeling. We don't like to stick to one type of music.

3. What projects are you currently working on?

We are always creating and writing new songs. Hopefully we will have a full album out soon. But our EP "Kick Me Down To Dead Horse" just came out on June 21st, 2019.

4. What are your inspiration for these project(s) and music as a whole? 

Our inspirations are artists like Ty Segall, Sonic Youth, Thee Oh Sees, The Clash, The Raconteurs, and Dinosaur Jr.

5. Can you or each of the members name their favourite album of 2018 or 2019 so far?

DeRon: "You Won't Get What You Want" Daughters

Leo: "Not Recommended for Sensitive Skin" Sabrina Is Not In This Chat

Cass: "Heavy Meta" Ron Gallo

Beckett: Our drummer doesn't like music.

By Lucy Blumenfield. Courtesy of Not From England

6.  What is your creative process like? How do you come up with material?

There are very few songs we purposely come up with. Most of our songs are written during rehearsal and when we are just messing around.

7.  What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? 

Releasing our debut EP which just came out (June 21st) with Burger Records and working with FIDLAR drummer Max Kuehn has been a big accomplish. Go give it a listen.

8. Where does the band want to be in five years? What are your goals as artists?

Sell out some big shows. And play with some killer bands. And to release some serious bangerz. Haha.

9. Is there anything else you’d like to add? Upcoming shows? Links to music or additional comments for the readers? 

Thanks for reading. We'd love it if you would listen to our music and support us at shows!

You can the new EP on all platforms here: https://smarturl.it/kmdtdh

By Lucy Blumenfield. Courtesy of Not From England

It was great learning about Not From England, and we're excited to support them in their future as musicians. Their fun approach and big goals will no doubt lead to some amazing music!

Their debut is out now on streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud! You can check out all of Not From England's upcoming shows:

6/21 @ Bridgetown DIY

6/22 @ The Wurmhole

6/28 @ Timewarp Records

6/29 @ Fox Theater Rooftop

Make sure to check out their website for even more info on shows/updates: notfromengland.co and follow the band on social media: @not.from.england


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