At 3:02 am

Words by Ritika Arora

Like the night sky

my room is

pitch black with

pin drop silence and

a hint of lavender aroma

that lingers against the corners,

the walls一 it is a

serene ambience.

It is nothing, but a tranquil

and placid ambience.


my mind begs to differ,

as it is anything but tranquil.

For it is running many roads at once.

Travelling faster than the speed of light一

it is stuck.


Spinning uncontrollably

in a whirlwind of





It is all over the place.

It is a place of its own一

distinct from the room I am in.

It is on its own.

Racing a race

with no end in sight,

no other runners to overtake一


It is nothing.

Yet it somehow occupies everything.

Every inch of my time, energy and sleep.

It is nothing, but it is something that demands everything一

until the sky is no longer dark.

Photo by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash

About the author: Ritika loves exploring new writing styles, especially new forms of poetry. She recently published her first anthology titled "The Sound of Rain". She is also an avid reader and enjoys the works of Nicholas Sparks in particular.

Find Ritika and her poetry on Instagram @by__ritika


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