didn't you ask for it?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash

trim your hair when it gets too long

use a blow-dryer to make it puffy

a perfect doll

straighten your posture

shoulders back, chest out

don’t slouch

practice how to smile

be polite and placid when you talk

not loud

bite your lips to make them redder

pinch your cheeks to add some color

unbutton the top of your white blouse

be a lady

once in a while

keep your voice low

let your guards down

so didn’t you ask for it?

didn’t you ask for the man at the farmer’s market

who sold apples to your grandma to let you sit on his lap

his smile was a cover

was it because of your pigtails?

the ones you carefully tied with rainbow rubber bands

the ones you pinned flowers on

so didn’t you ask for it?

didn’t you ask for Joey from your homeroom

to lift up your skirt

over and over and over

since then you’d never go on a slide

you avoided your teacher’s disbelieving eyes

you threw away every single dress in the house

so didn’t you ask for it?

didn’t you ask for the boy at your school dance

to touch your waist then move his hands lower

then his body closer

you blamed it on the shoulderless crop

what a shame

they were playing your favorite song

be a lady

be attentive, be trusting, be this, be that

so didn’t you ask for it

didn’t you ask for them to lecture you

and didn’t bother at all

to press pause

poetry by Daisy Cai

find her at her main Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daisycai/

and her studygram: https://www.instagram.com/_daisysrantsandnotes_/  


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