favourite song- Lisha Gabrielle

The calming hum that felt like home

And so I left it on replay.

The same song fixed on an infinite loop,

Defying time; insisting time stood still.

I had you. I had me. I had this moment until --

I fell out of love with such a beautiful song.

This home was no more.

Home felt so indifferent, and you -- suddenly so detached.

This song was no longer familiar. I lost myself -- I was too damn attached.

I used to dance to my favourite song, but now I carry its weight.

Baby, you are so damn heavy.

My whole body aches.

I keep it on replay now that you’re gone.

I was hoping that one day, I’ll feel at home with my favourite song.

But for now it’s a tune so distant and haunting.

So I’ll sing to no one, and dance to nothing.


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