Visuals by Qinrui Chen

The series are loosely stringed together by glitch, which the heroine in the photo experiences transformation into glitch patterns.

Glitch has transformed from its mechanic malfunction indication to a new wave of appreciation of the aesthetic of  "surprise error" by norm, from early example of Jamie Fenton and Raul Zaritsky's attempt at mixing VHS tape, Nam June Paik's  intentional mock of technology of "magnet TV", (but more categorized as video/performance father in new media arts than narrowly defined gltich artist),  to theorist  Rosa Menkman on the ideology  of glitchart, to modern day Giacomo Carmagnola and Alexander Peverett that completely leaps into the pure visual appreciation of the superimposed of daily object with oversaturated colors.

As the barrier of entry lowers, anyone can use apps of glitch, datablender, etc. to perform their own glitch art, which are mostly fun and interesting to look at , but sometimes unfortunately lack the momentum as in the early days that leads to deeper conversation, ie, ends up as cheap re-production. In my humble tryout, that it should be a experiment challenge the traditional character of "order" in the beauty, seeing an orderly human body transforming into manipulated glitch, the process is melancholic, as it detaches from our perception, but also refreshing and eye opening, almost catharsis in a way, that the heroine will take to that extent to challenge her new existence and what is symbolized by it. It is a surprise error, it is a surreal attempt of daily mundanity, it is a break of the order.

Qinrui Chen is a young professional in biotech that has an interest in graphic design. Her work is focusing on Bio-art. Using manipulated medical image of human bodies to raise questions to re-think the biological existence of humanity in urban development. 

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