LOVER- Isabel Angeles

lips as soft as velvet and hands that feel like home

teenage vows in dim-lit rooms

running through an art museum passing by paintings,

but my favorite masterpiece is you.

this is not ephemeral —

you are not ephemeral.

you are the infinite galaxy of stars

and i, an astronaut,

marveling in your presence.

cupid shoots us down with his arrows

and we willingly offer up our hearts to each other —

— you say my name

and it sounds like the first chord

played on a freshly tuned guitar; say it again so fondly

like the lyrics to your favorite song


darling, oh my darling —

— is this la vie en rose?

we spend our youth wondering if we will ever be enough

and i think i am enough when i am with you.

happiness is intangible, they say,

but they have never been held in your arms

and heard the beating in your chest and gods above —

— we are only human,

bound to life and death for good,

but i do not need death to find myself in heaven.

and maybe one day my mortality

will be my downfall, but to know

that the organ in your chest

played love songs for me

is enough to resurrect my tired soul.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Isabel Angeles is a 19 year old Filipina writer/poet from Northern California. She is also an intersectional feminist, activist, and performer. Isabel attempts to use performing arts as a platform for addressing issues of overlooked racism against Asians, experiences as a Filipinx-American, being an immigrant, and reclaiming identity. Her poetry also deals with other subjects such as female empowerment, romance, and much more. She is constantly educating others on problems the Asian community faces and pursuing social change while continuously educating herself on other issues. Instagram: @lumpiyas


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