Texts From Mom

Words by Abby Esteireiro

Jan 2 6:26 pm

I thought you were coming home for dinner

On my way home

I’m stuck in a delay

At st clair waiting for the streetcar

You got dish duty

Jan 20 10:04 pm

Are you home yet?

Where u now?

We are on the road. Are you done? Call me now.

We are home now.

Daddy and I are on our way to pick u up. Where r u?

We are out in front

Jan 25 7:11 pm

Are you coming home for dinner?


On my way home soon

Okay. There is food in the fridge.

Feb 1 7:57 am

I wore your boots. You can Wear mine

Okay thank you ❤️

U need warmer boots

Feb 7 5:22 pm

Be careful on the sidewalks. It’s slippery.

Feb 7 8:48 pm

Can you do me a favour?


Feb 9 8:58 pm

Great job Abigail! You were the best actor! ❤️❤️❤️

Very funny

What’s funny?

You were great!

But thank you

Ok, see you later

Text me when u r leaving please.

Aug 30 2:53 pm

Are you safe?

Yes I can’t leave Uniqlo

In Uniqlo? Ok we are in old navy

They’re just telling us to wait until it’s over

Good idea. There is an active shooter in the mall


They’ve closed off the mall entrance

In lockdown mode. We are in the staff back room in the store. No one can leave.

We’re exiting the building through the back

Ok. Text daddy if you need him

Aug 30 3:02

I’ll just wait outside for you

Hello? Are you ok?

Yes we are still in the back room.

Just go home.

Are you sure? Why aren’t they evacuating you?

Not sure. Possible gunshots in the mall re CP3 24

Huh I didn’t hear anything

Well I’d rather wait for you

No just get on the bus. The shooter might be outside. We can do this tomorrow again

Okay stay safe.


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