To My Grandparents

Words by Alisha Rao

Thank you for always making the best homemade food, no other Indian restaurant could compare.

Thank you for teaching me many card games, I unironically carry a deck wherever I go, even when it doesn’t make much sense.

I think I could attribute my sense of humour to you all, since no one else is as witty and entertaining as you; I thank you for showing me how to tell a joke. Maybe that’s giving myself too much credit, but I’ve certainly learned from the best.

To my grandfathers; thank you for always asking me how my studies are going, and always being supportive when I tell you anything. It helps to reassure myself that I’m studying exactly what I want with this encouragement.

To my grandmothers; thank you for being inspiring and powerful women in my life. It means so much that I had you to look up to, and know that I can be myself in the same way you both are.

To my grandfathers and grandmothers; thanks for all the sacrifices you made for the family. The experiences you’ve retold will never leave me and always remind me how hard you worked to be where you are now, and be so loving all the same.

Thank you for being my heroes along with my parents, the proto-heroes. You came first after all, and I’m happy I can say both you and my parents are the best role models.

Thank you for coming to any games I played for sports, I will always remember wanting to do and look my best when you were there.

Thank you for all the insightful conversations.

Thank you for all the entertainment you’ve provided throughout my life.

Thank you for any new stories about you that always amaze me.

Thank you for always making me smile.

You’re the best.

Photo by Laura Olsen on Unsplash

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