Watching our Writers

Alisha Rao: Opinion 

jonathan labao: poetry

Alisha is an aspiring writer, professional procrastinator, and a lifelong Nintendo fan studying Classics at the University of Toronto. She suffers from spontaneous-story-ideas-itis, enjoys reviewing, watching, and/or reading all kinds of fiction, and spends too much time playing video games

Jonathan is a Toronto based poet, photographer, and one-person band, currently studying at the University of Toronto.  His work draws influence from his life as a second-generation Asian immigrant growing up in Scarborough. 

ZAch gross: arts and culture

Zach Is 19 years old who is a freshman in college and is a journalism major. Zach also loves poetry and brews.

alexander Thompson: film/tv

ben Jeffries: film/tv

Alexander Thompson is a man of pictures and words, especially if those pictures are moving and those words are spoken allowed. Amateur film maker who sometimes has interesting things to say, at least he hopes so.

Ben Jeffries loves movies and people.



Meet Lisha! She has a great fascination for artwork and music of different sorts. She, herself, enjoys to make freely structured poetry, or art influenced by the various influences she encounters throughout her time- just chillin



Richmond Uy (you can call him richboiuy if you want) is a photographer, poet, mixed media student, chillin villain and wannabe filmmaker based in Scarborough Ontario. His work tries to incorporate themes relating to the pursuit of emotional growth, appreciation of his roots as a Filipinx immigrant and his fondness of childhood memories.

Nicole mior: 

arts and culture

Nicole is a writer studying English, History, and Creative Writing at the University of Guelph. She is a lover of all things art. 

Zara Koroma: Arts and Culture 

Zara is a fashion, film, and music enthusiast; however, many could describe her as a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, or an idealist. She currently lives in SoCal, but hopes to move to NYC after high school in hopes of pursuing her love of storytelling.

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